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Dog Day Care

"This is an Idea Whose Time Has Come"

Husky Day Care

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Dog day care has become a big business today, as many dog and husky owners work and travel

Dog day care is a concept whose moment has arrived. Studies show pets are more than members of families, they are surrogate children. There are more and more singles and couples without children and their pets are like having a child. What parent wants to leave a child for hours on end without feeling some guilt?

Americans spend more than $500 million each year for day care or hired pet sitters. Dog day care cost varies according to size, activities, and services offered. Some care centers offer obedience classes, grooming services with spas and pools. There are centers that offer pickup and delivery service. (For a fee)

Daily activities can resemble a child's day care. There is playtime, healthy snacks and naptime. Some day cares offer pet cams so owners can observe "Rover" on the internet.

Good Doggie Citizens 
Dog day care is not for all dogs. Dogs play in groups and care centers carefully screen pets to make sure canines get along with other dogs and handlers. Many animals are turned down for safety reasons. Most centers require owners to fill out a long questionnaire and show proof of medical history to make sure the dog is free of disease and proof of vaccination. These requirements vary from day care centers and areas of the country. Many centers require vaccination for the follow: Rabies, Parvo, DHLP, Corona, Lyme disease, and Bordetella.

Some of the items on the questionnaire 
Dog's level of training
His or hers temperament
How dog was acquired
Usual or unusual habits

After the questionnaire, the final test is the evaluation by 2-3 observers to see how the dog interacts with other canines and handlers. In most centers, dogs are placed with canines of similar size and temperament. A staff member should be on hand 24 hours a day. Calm dogs should be kept together and active dogs put with similar canines. It is normal to have confrontations and someone should be available to intervene at once.

Tips on Choosing a Dog Day Care Center 
Owners should compare centers for dogs as one would for a child.
Care center should look and smell clean
Good relationship and access to nearby veterinarian clinics
Trained staff members with prior experience with animals
Word of mouth is always a good way to find a great dog day care center

Dog's Luxury Life 
Day care centers vary from the basics to the most do the prices. There are centers with limousine pickup and drop-off, massages, TV, classical music...along with bottled water. Does your dog need so much pampering...having meals while Mozart plays in the background...probably not, but some owners have a comforting feeling when they know their pets are getting the best? Maybe this is a small price to pay...considering their dogs are their children.

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