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February 24, 2011
Siberian Husky Diet and Nutritional Food Facts - What you Need to Know

"Huskies have been domesticated for a very long time, but their departure from the Wolf has altered their eating habits"

By: Tom Ellerbe and Marci Winchester

A Healthy Siberian husky diet is essentially different from human diets. Huskies have been domesticated for a very long time, but their departure from the wolf has altered their eating habits dramatically. They will eat both plant and animal origin foods. The food sources of a husky can resemble those of humans, but huskies need nutrients that are wolf like.

Protein is the most important organic compound for a husky. They eat very little compared to other dog breeds. Work and the active nature of Siberian huskies...make it critical that this breed consumes good quality dog food with ample natural nutrients.

A complete and balance diet is vital to your husky's good health. You must work hard to know how to keep your dog healthy, happy and active. Be very strict to make sure your husky eats what he should rather than what he wants.

He needs fresh water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Water is important as it makes up 60 percent of the husky's weight. Energy comes from the combination of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Minerals contribute to nerve conduction and other functions. Vitamins help your dog process biochemicals.

You should monitor your husk's weight and general activity. Five pounds too heavy can cause health problems.

Puppies under the age of 3 months can be fed at least 4 times a day. Adult dogs should be bed once or twice per day. Establish a good feeding schedule and keep at it.

The amount you need to feed your dog depends upon many factors. Your husky's lifestyle, age, size and general condition help determine your feeding guidelines. Find a good high quality dog food...weigh your pet and read the feeding suggestions provided on the package. You might have to adjust the feeding requirements to fit your husky's lifestyle. Keep in mind that Siberian Huskies do not eat as much as other dog breeds.


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