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Dog Flea & Tick

"Get The Upper Hand ON The Dog Flea And Tick Season"


Dog Fleas

If you own a dog, you know that fleas are more than just a nuisance. These parasites transmit a whole host of pathogens and diseases while living on your animal. Rocky Mountain Fever, Lyme disease and blood loss are associated with fleas. You must have a good reliable flea program in place.

You do not have to watch your pet suffer as there are many great pest control products on the can get the upper hand as the flea-and-tick season arrives.

The most common flea in America is the "Ctenocephalides" cat flea. The name is confusing as these fleas are happy to live on your dog. There are more than 3,000 various species of fleas in the United States, but the cat flea is still the most common.

There are four stages of life span for fleas...10% pupae, 35% larvae and 50% egg. It is estimated that 5% of fleas come into your home as adults.

Pesticides kill only adult fleas and 95 % of the flea problems remain to continue to cause problems.

Female fleas lay about 50 eggs per day and rely upon carbon dioxide and air currents to find hosts with a "blood ration." It does not take long for a female flea to find a home on your pet dog. The flea saliva is applied on the target area to ease the flow of blood from your pet.

As the flea lays eggs on the animal, this unpleasant process begins. The eggs fall off as your pet moves around the house and larvae emerges in about 10 days. Pesticides are not the answer as these are short term solutions. Children crawl around the floors and carpets and many of these chemicals are toxic.

It is much easier to prevent the flea affliction than to get rid of it. You should consult your Veterinarian for recommendations of flea and tick control products. There are many good remedies available on the market.

Treatments can be applied to your pet and will penetrate the fur and skin to give lasting relief and prevention of flea growth. Within 24 hours, your dog will have head to tail protection. Environmental friendly house treatment and yard control products are also available.

Establish a good flea control program before the season to prevent flea and tick-borne illnesses that can affect the health of your pet. This article was designed to deal with flea problems, but it should be noted that most of the flea treatments work well for tick control.

American Dog Tick

Finding a flea on your pet dog is irritating...finding a dog tick is unacceptable and disgusting. A dog tick on your dog's body, sucking his blood is intolerable. A dog tick can have all sorts of diseases for both you and the dog. You need to find a way to get rid of these external parasites.

The dog tick is from the Acarina family which is associated with the family of mites. This parasite lives outdoors and will use their heat sensors to find warm-blooded animals, like your pet dog, to grab onto. They will wander about your pet until it finds a good soft area (ears or belly) to penetrate. The tick is locked on until it is finished with the feeding process. It is more difficult to pull a tick from your dog during this time.

The loss of blood is not considered a real problem, but the dangers of disease that the tick carries are of great concern. The American dog tick (scientific name - Dermacentor variabilis) is found in the United States generally east of the Rockies. The American tick, however, is widely distributed throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. It has been be found in California, Massachusetts and as far south as Florida.

This tick will target smaller animals as larvae and larger animals as an adult. The dog is the primary host, but it can attack larger animals such as cattle, horses and even humans. This infectious agent can cause Rock Mountain Fever, tularemics (rare infectious disease that can attack the skin, eyes and lungs)...canine tick paralysis is another aliment of concern.

When you find a tick on your pet dog, you must remove it at once. The best way is with a good set of tweezers or a tick removal device (tick removal key). You want to grab the dog tick close to the head and pull the tick out without leaving the head behind. The use of matches and nail polish do not work and are just myths.

Ticks seem to stay near trails and roads so they can find hosts. Your dog should avoid these areas along with tall grass if possible. If your dog is active as a hunting dog, then you must take action to keep him protected.

Contact your veterinarian for a prescription and recommendation as there are some good products on the market. The medications are applied monthly to the skin between the shoulder blades. They are waterproof and after 24 hours, your dog can swim, take baths and still be protected. This treatment travels through the skin of your dog and can protect him up to 30 day. This is highly suggested for your pet dog if he is in the field and lives in areas know to have a tick problem.

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